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The Starting Principles

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The Starting Principles

The starting principle is primarily anchored on educational psychology. To recall, educational psychology is concerned with how individual learns in educational settings- his/her nature, his/her innate tools and/or capacities for learning, and his/her learning styles.

Principle 1   The nature of the learner should be the

                     primordial consideration in teaching

The learner is the center of all educative processes. All educational efforts of whatever institution- family, civic, or academic in the local, national or global community are geared toward his development. Efforts exerted are centered from designing the suitable curriculum to the mode of delivering it to the learner. But all of such would end futile if they do not meet and/or match the nature of the learner. Understanding the nature of the learner- his growth, development, and learning, is therefore a must to ensure success in all educational endeavors.

Principle 2 Individual differences

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