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A House or A Home

     Making up a home,
        not just a house
     A home is filled with love,
        a house with decoration
     Ring finger glistens a home,
        gold finger glares a house
     Immortality describes a home,
        house is a temporary structure
     Equanimity dwells in a home,
        arrogance resides in a house
     Tender care is given at home,
        in a house a superficial attention
     Togetherness is sought in a home,
        a house doesn't care for one at all
     A long and lasting love binds a home,
        an embelished feeling coats a house

  Dearest, which option would you take?


Cyber Cupid
Cupid, so stupid to send bytes!
Hypertexting his intense feeling...
Attributes are stored as secrets...
Relative paths I have to locate...
Linking them seems so confusing...
External images? These will help.
Send them now for processing.


Doodz, my number one fan,
Mommy loves you very much!

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