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just couldn't help but cry
i really don't know why
perhaps of the feeling
that i had been keeping
which may not be fulfilled
was carelessly revealed.

foolish am i indeed
for being so candid
even i do not know
you will just let me go
or you will forsake me
for lucky somebody.

my tears kept on rolling
as you were whispering
the words i'd been longing
and i had been yearning
right at the very start
to fill my empty heart.




Corona, a light

   that glistens a timid heart

      that's tender and true.


Heart-throb you may be,

   because your warmth easily

      enchants a lady.


Apogee, you're like,

   but beaming gladness or cheers

      that brightens a day.


Radiating roullette,

   captivating tenderly

      the heart of lonely.


Light to the gambler

   playing the game called love,

      betting for heart ace.


Embering kisses,

   smacking the queen and the ace,

      dazed by the beauty.


Serenity casts

   as reality unveils,

        love is mystery...


      My Inspiration


It's not my feet that walk

which keep me going

but it's your golden heart.


It's not my hands that move

which keep me doing

but it's your golden heart.


It's not my head that thinks

which keeps me moving

but it's your golden heart.


It's not my heart that beats

which keeps me living

but it's your golden heart.


For what are my feet,

my hands, my head, and my heart

without your golden heart?


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